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New Trail Brewing Company Pint Night 6/6

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Beer List:

Broken Heels 7%- A Hazy IPA hopped intrepidly with hand-selected Citra and Mosaic, leading to High Aromatics of luminous Citrus, rich Conifer, and refreshing Tropicals. This beer packs a full mouthfeel with low bitterness that is soft on the palette. Broken Heels is available all day everyday, and reminds us that no adventure is without its risks.
Crisp Lager 4.8%- Crisp Lager is handmade for easy drinking using only 4 craft ingredients. We only use the finest malts, American Noble hops, Pennsylvania mountain water, and lager yeast in perfect balance for a brilliant golden beer that’s full-flavored, refreshing, and above all, Crisp Lager.
Pineapple Broken Heels 7%- Pineapple Broken Heels is our favorite Hazy IPA on an island adventure. The addition of juicy pineapple takes the tropical characteristics to the next level. Enjoy this summer variation of Broken Heels on your next adventure.
 Raspberry Sour 5.5%-  This ale is brewed with a selection of wheats for a soft foundation and soured with a blend of winemaker’s acids. Combined with a profusion of raspberries, you have a beer with big fruit characteristics, a range of tart to sour, and a clean finish.
New Trail Brewing history:
New Trail was founded in January of 2018, with a focus on a balanced portfolio including Hazy IPA, Pilsner, Amber Ale, Belgian Styles, and Stout. New Trail’s mission has always been to highlight the expansive beauties of the Greater North Central Pennsylvania region while producing top-quality beers and distributing them to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

At New Trail Brewing we encourage our friends and neighbors to spend more quality time outdoors experiencing the natural environment around us.

We love beer, and we believe great beer makes life’s experiences taste even better. That’s why we started New Trail Brewing Company, to make great beer for everyone to enjoy when you dare to explore new places, do new things, take new trails, and have truly memorable adventures.

Date :
Jun 06
Time :
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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